Shopping for Antiques — and Inspiration — in Kent

It has been awhile since I was out and about to check out some of my favorite shops. This weekend we took a drive up Route 7 to Kent, Connecticut, where hiding in plain sight is one of the coolest shops, RT Facts, located in the old Kent Town Hall. In the three buildings on property and all over the yard, you’ll find old and new, bold and eccentric objects and furniture artfully displayed (or sometimes piled). Immediately you’ll want to rearrange your garden and patio to find room for a sculptural element. On my own patio, I use the top of a sandstone column from New Haven That I purchased there.

Natalie and Greg Randall founded their shop when they lived in New York City and 26th Street was the hotbed of fabulous vintage finds and antiques. The inclement weather and randomness of a flea market instigated their move to a permanent home in Connecticut. Natalie also designs furniture and lighting for restaurants and interiors; Greg is the hunter and gatherer, and together they make a great team. The space they chose has high ceilings, good scale and great light that is appropriate for the large objects they favor. On any given trip you might discover a piece of sculpture, a garden ornament or bench, architectural fragments, industrial lights, stone sinks or an occasional bathtub.

The shop is really not the ultimate secret; as we were leaving, Bunny Williams and John Rosselli were driving in. It is certainly worth a trip, and Kent is a very sweet New England village. (Don’t miss the good eats at 109 Cheese Market, at 14 North Main Street. Their sandwiches are divine.)



A handsome head with a lovely aged finish.

from Bathroom & Home


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