Introducing ISLA

Over the past 20 years we have broken new ground for the designs of our fittings. We have partnered with a prominent modernist architect (Lee Mindel), former set designers and creative thinkers (Roman and Williams), and a vintage furniture and object expert and interpreter (Thomas O’Brien). With these collaborations, our objective is always to identify extraordinary talent and challenge them to surprise our clients with new concepts and original thinking for the delivery of water.

Our newest collaborator is Jill Platner, a New York-based jewelry designer and sculptor, who most certainly had never designed a faucet before, paired up with Waterworks. We were intrigued by the use of texture in her own work and the industrial tools and dental instruments she employs when creating the green wax molds that served as the models for our work together. It was a close collaboration as we educated her about the form and function equation, scale and proportion for objects that had to look beautiful but work for many years.

A bit about our collaborator, Jill, that I think makes her special. She is an artist living a bohemian life in a lower Manhattan loft; her space is filled with hammocks, furniture discarded from her parents and street finds. And of course, there is her own sculpture. This bohemian life is complimented with her collection of rocks–lots of them! She finds them sensual, and loves their organic three-dimensional forms. They are her inspiration; this is obvious in the work she has has done for us.

Meet our new ISLA. The lines are simple and purposeful. The design is eclectic, and the fittings represent a gracious harmony of artisnal methods and advanced engineering.


Organic inspiration, elegant shapes and warm finish. ISLA is an unusual and sophisticated fitting that is suitable for any style interior.

from Bathroom & Home


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