Pendant Lights for a Kitchen or Bath Refresh

Recently, when looking at potential updates to my house with a critical eye, I realized that over time we had installed way too many recessed lights. There were too many holes in the ceilings and I thought there had to be a more attractive and up-to-date way to light my rooms. I envisioned an intimate and experiential type of light encased in a beautifully crafted frame or glass. Enter my new project.

To start, for the guest powder bath I have selected the Waterworks Compass pendant in unlacquered brass. The room is a very small bath squeezed around a very large chimney. I have already compensated for its tiny size with vintage pieces, dark paint, a moody photograph, a single hole Julia lav set in chrome (though I can’t remember why the chrome finish was selected years ago) and a beautiful 3cm honed Danby marble counter top. I love the Compass light, especially in brass, and have decided that despite the bath’s diminutive size, mixing finishes was the thing to do. I’ll be happy (and hopefully, proven right) to see this project completed at the end of June.

Pendant lights are a great addition to any design. Installing them over an island helps to emphasize that part of the room; over a vanity they not only make a design statement but also take away shadows from overhead lighting. One of the most important things to remember when selecting pendants is scale. If they are too small, it will look like you did not make a thoughtful choice, and if too large they can overpower the space. Finishes help define the design, and a mix of complimentary finishes adds a bit of drama.

Ready to start a project of your own? Scroll through the images I’ve selected of spaces with properly scaled pendants, and also images of Waterworks’ new pendants. These are also in our new Kitchen resource book — refer to it online, in our Library or request a paper copy at 800-899-6757.


One Hotel Miami has installed pendants in their well designed baths. Their reflection in the mirror adds dimension to an already ample space..

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