The Importance of the Right Kitchen Faucet

Naturally, the faucet is the most used appliance in your kitchen. In thinking about this important purchase, keep in mind its dual personality; not only should it be compatible with the design of the kitchen, it also must be unequivocally functional.

However, there are so many things to consider when selecting a kitchen faucet. The first always is the design–for instance, sleek and modern, or Edwardian? Next, determine how it feels in your hands; is the action comfortable? Check the finish (how will it hold up to acidic lemon juice and tomatoes?), the flow of water and the spray. Additional choices include one’s preference for a single hole or separate hot and cold valves, and its scale in relationship to the other things that surround it.

There are countless options for small appliances around the sink; an instant hot (I couldn’t survive without mine), remote drain, garbage disposal switch, soap pump or maybe 2, a small dish for your rings. Clearly, there are many ways to create chaos around the sink.  But, the feature is really the faucet. Select it carefully and for the long term.

Don’t forget to carefully examine its craftsmanship, engineering and resulting quality. All of Waterworks kitchen faucets along with bar faucets and kitchen sinks can be found online under Library or you can request a full catalog of our Kitchen assortment at 800.384.6757.

R.W. Atlas kitchen faucets are beautifully proportioned and exquisitely detailed.

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