Industrial Chic Baths

Industrial design has hit a new high for American interiors. We see it in everything from lighting in restaurants and hotels to hardware on furniture and cabinetry to Waterworks faucets for the bath, bar and kitchen. To further this desired style, the industrial-inspired R.W. Atlas collection was designed for us by Roman and Williams and feels very current.

There are certain characteristics that tie all of the designs together, loosely but effectively; exposed fasteners, nuts and screws, knurling, coin edges and simplicity of line and use. This aesthetic is slightly different when used throughout an entire room. Very often black is part of the palette in one way or another, and materials are straightforward, unembellished and restrained similar to what might have been observed in a factory before 1950. The operational words are practical, familiar, functional, durable and adaptable.

The bathroom pictured this week has many of the characteristics discussed above. The factory-like shower door framed simply in black metal, a modest work table disguised as a washstand, wrought iron lights and rectangular white tile flow smoothly and efficiently together. As the most effective spaces do, everything speaks to functionality and a clear design statement.

Designed by Summer Thornton, this black and white bath has many familiar elements associated with industrial design--a metal framed washstand, a shower door that resembles a factory window and simple white rectangular tile.

from Bathroom & Home


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