Tired, Grateful

I’ve been doing a lot more writing over the last couple of weeks than one would probably suspect given how little I’ve posted to this website. Eh. It’s been a lot of words with what feels like very little substance, even though there are lots of things to talk about around here: New baby guineas, progress on the orchard and vineyard, work with the bees, and a garden in bloom.

It’s also been enough sustained work (and worry) over the last few months to take me right to the brink of burnout. But there’s also this…


A perfect moment on the farm captured by one of my best friends. An hour after a torrential downpour, fog collecting on the hills, friends and family gathered around the fire.

And there’s this..


The smell of milkweed blossoms throughout the field, feeding butterflies and bees alike.

And, of course, a new project, half-done but already so much fun…


While the minutes I spend working, sweating, planning, worrying, and feeling otherwise exhausted far exceed these moments of singular joy and satisfaction, I find that I am tired and grateful in equal measure.

That, I think, is the truest thing I can say right now. And, really, not a bad place to be.

from Bathroom & Home http://diydiva.net/2016/07/tired-grateful/


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