My Book: The Perfect Bath

It has been nearly 40 years since my husband Robert and I founded Waterworks. During that time I have sold countless bathrooms, answered what seems like millions of questions, solved many problems, designed any number of iconic products and created a bath style that has endured over the years.

It seemed like a good time to take this bank of knowledge and share it with clients, designers, architects, editors, contractors and the many friends who often ask my opinion on what makes a perfect bath. Finally, I am thrilled to announce the publication of my book, The Perfect Bath. Rizzoli, the esteemed publisher of many great design books, has published this book and it is with the help of their editorial team, especially my editor Kathleen Jayes, that it is finally ready for prime time.

As some of you know, the process of designing and executing a great bath is a demanding process. It includes meticulous planning, hours of shopping and decision making, meetings with designers, architects and contractors and allowing the time for supervision if you want to secure the outcome you had imagined.

Over the next weeks, I will share some great images from the book and comment on the subtle design choices that secured them a place in The Perfect Bath. The cover image, for instance, was selected by Charles Miers, publisher of Rizzoli. The bath is from my own home. While I am delighted to see what seems like a very simple image grace the cover, it is anything but simple; it got to the finish line through constant on-the-job supervision and much editing. I had imagined more decoration for the space, but when I actually saw a specific border in place it was a no-go. The floor, too, amplifies the shape of the space and the final decision to add slab borders accentuates the small Danby hex tiles. Many decisions, too many choices and finally my own conservative and classic design sense held the project in check. The tile is a warm creamy white classic 3 x 6; what makes my choice most important is that the tile-maker was able to craft technical architectural pieces so that corners have the exact piece of trim that eliminates all unnecessary cuts and gives the wall a very finished look.

The next essential element is the installation. The grout joints are very small and the choice of grout color was achieved after several unsuccessful attempts. The floor is laid out to emphasize the T shape of the room. While small, the bath has lovely light and no extra frills, keeping it simple, elegant and timeless, including my favorite 1928 American Standard pedestal lav.

The cover is just the start; there are many other fabulous spaces in The Perfect Bath. I hope you will enjoy your journey through my experience.

Pre-order your copy of The Perfect Bath today:




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