A Great Way to Start the New Year

I love to start the New Year with a purge of closets, medicine cabinets, and when I have the energy, accumulated stuff from my cellar. So far, I’ve done the closet and there is a nice pile of clothing for Dress for Success, one of my favorite charities.

The medicine cabinet was not too cluttered but I tackled it anyway, throwing out things I had not touched in the past year and anything with an expired date. Here are some other things I did in my very small bath that made it feel really fresh for 2016:

I bought new clear plastic containers at Bed Bath & Beyond for my medicine cabinet. Everything has a specific place now, and it looks really great. Of course, in the process, I threw out old lipsticks I bought in a dark store that were not the right color, gifts with purchase that I would never use, and other accumulated stuff. The result is an organized cabinet with everything in plain sight.

I also got out the scrub brush and worked on a decades-old mosaic floor to brighten the grout. Great results there, too.

The linen cabinet got a once-over and the formerly white, now grayish, towels will go to Goodwill. I love our Gotham towels and plan to replace the four I jettisoned with new ones tomorrow.

New toothbrushes were unpackaged and new soap is in the soap dish.

I stocked the linen closet with necessities: tissues, toilet paper, shampoo and conditioner, etc. White I was at it, I made sure everything was all lined up for easy access.

While I love my white tile, I decided it was time to paint the walls. I have the Farrow & Ball color chart in place and now I have to make a decision.

Even though the floor is heated, I plan to buy a bath rug. Covering the floor will help maintain the grout.

I am an advocate for keeping only what is current and corralling it all in containers. A neat bathroom makes starting the day more efficient. My organizing and cleaning (a very satisfying activity occasionally) only took about an hour, and now I feel ready for the new year. Happy 2016.


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Keep surfaces as clutter free as possible.

from Bathroom & Home http://www.theperfectbath.com/new-year-bath-refresh/


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