A Return to the Timeless White Bath

For quite some time now I have been writing and talking about color. It’s in the air. From fresh bright blues to dark navy; from pale grays elevating to dark charcoal. I love them all. But the time has come to revisit my favorite color of all–white. It’s a shade that is never out of style for the bath.

White is very reflective but serene, not the least bit bland and certainly timeless. From beach to ski slope, white is about its highly nuanced hue, the synergy of materials and the visual energy that is transmitted through careful choices. That’s why I encourage you to think about white outside of the standard 3 x 6 subway tile and white paint, a pairing that now seems ubiquitous. Instead, let’s focus on the many beautiful shades of white that create a warm and sophisticated palette. Sensual textured whites are neither bland nor clinical, and are essential to distinguish a space by adding dimension and definition.

A good example of how to achieve an environment that is both classic and modern, harmonious and tranquil, is to combine several materials; frame a shower panel of textured tile with glossy flat ones, insert a small-scale mosaic into a field of dimensional stone, create a wall of white-on-white graphic patterned water jet-cut glass mosaic or install a field white marble with an active surface.

The success of the installation of any of these materials, either separately or together, lies in careful planning. It begins with selecting where to create the accent, and runs through to the subtlety of architectural details. Details down to the texture of towels add another dimension to the space. Fresh white towels rolled into tubes or hung on bars and layered with vintage linen is a great way to warm the bath. All of the whites are usually complimentary, so there is no chance of making a mistake. A white bath can be deliberately minimal or romantically cluttered; in either case, it is the finish of the fittings that becomes the jewelry and adds sparkle in the bath.



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Designed by Katie Hackwork for H2 Design + Build. A marble octagon floor with  rectangular dimensional stone walls are complimentary. The addition of a white ceramic barrel stool and traditional prints on the wall are classic and refined.

from Bathroom & Home http://www.theperfectbath.com/white-baths/


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