Experimenting with More Color

We have been talking about a gentle shift in bath design for about a year. It started with the launch of our new Architectonics palette (expanded to 123 colors) and has continued to the installation of more active and colorful stones.

I also noticed that when writing my book, The Perfect Bath, there were a number of photo submissions with colorful wallpapers and paint. I, personally, got on the color bandwagon as well. For many years the tiny powder bath at the foot of the stairs in my house was painted white. I always thought its small size without a window demanded a light palette. Recently, I decided I was tired of this white bath even though it looked just fine, especially with my vintage accessories accumulated over the years at various flea markets and antiques shops.

I went away on a trip and left my painter with a can of Farrow & Ball Plummet, determined to come home to find it done and not second guess my choice. I could not have been more delighted! It is now a seriously dark gray from floor to ceiling. I disovered it is a great compliment to the Danby marble mosaic floor and slab counter. There is definitely drama happening now and my accessories look even better.

Here, I am including two recent magazine photos of bath with color. Both appear to be powder rooms, a great place to start your color journey. These spaces are usually small and can easily be repainted if the experiment fails. Take a chance and venture a bit outside of your comfort zone. You will probably be pleasantly surprised.

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from Bathroom & Home http://www.theperfectbath.com/experimenting-with-more-color/


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